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Wilderness survivalist.  Cancer survivor.  Special forces veteran. Mickey is dedicated to spreading cancer awareness by overcoming extreme challenges.



The founder and spirit behind Eco-Planet Adventures. Using my many years of survivalist experience as an Israeli Special Forces veteran, I prepare people to ‘take the road less traveled’, through intensive exploration and jungle survival training. A strong advocate of facing daily challenges and reaping the rewards, I take those with a thirst for adventure on journeys to places that few (if any)have been to before. 


After surviving my own battle with cancer, I have dedicated myself to fighting alongside those still facing this life threatening menace. By doing what I do best, I strive to create global awareness and fight towards finding a cure. My Amazon 5000 expedition traversed the continent of South America on foot, from coast-to-coast and through the perilous Amazon to do just that. By succeeding where legendary Spanish conquistador, Francisco de Orellana failed roughly 500 years ago, I am on a life mission to show others that seemingly impossible battles always can be won!


Although a resounding victory in the face of extreme hardship, the success of Amazon 5000 is but one of many battles in a war to prove that the impossible is indeed possible. As with cancer, the fight continues…and so do I.


AMAZON 5000-for the cure

Founder, Director • Orlando, Florida
A year long expedition that in 2012, saw Mickey and the team cross the South American continent

5,000 miles on foot, through treacherous jungles and along the mighty Amazon river. Going through

the countries of Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Brazil, Mickey and Amazon 5000 traversed the

extreme, journeying from the Pacific to the Atlantic side of the continent. Amazon 5000 is dedicated

to all those fighting their own battles with cancer, by showing them it is POSSIBLE to defeat the IMPOSSIBLE! 



ECO-PLANET ADVENTURE X-treme Challenge Jungle Expedition

Founder and Adventures Leader • Orlando, Florida
Eco-Planet Adventures offers those with a spirit of exploration, a chance to personally experience their own survival adventure. Train with Mickey and prepare yourself for all that a trip into the wilderness can bring.




Our mission is to combine the passion for challenging Adventure Sport with Eco-tourism awareness. We are proudly committed to providing local Amazon communities with an alternative source of income, along with direct economic incentives that benefit rainforest conservation and reforestation.


PRO-DEMO Demolition Expert

• Founder
An expert at all things demolition, Mickey brings his logistic and problem solving knowledge to those who need to get the job done. Using his energy and passion to see the mission through, Mickey ensures his customers that what once was there, is there no more.

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