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I will teach you to survive

After surviving my own battle with cancer...


I have dedicated myself to fighting alongside those still facing this life threatening menace. By doing what I do best, I strive to create global awareness and fight towards finding a cure. My Amazon 5000 expedition traversed the continent of South America on foot, from coast-to-coast and through the perilous Amazon to do just that. By succeeding where legendary Spanish conquistador, Francisco de Orellana failed roughly 500 years ago, I am on a life mission to show others that seemingly impossible battles always can be won!


Although a resounding victory in the face of extreme hardship, the success of Amazon 5000 is but one of many battles in a war to prove that the impossible is indeed possible. As with cancer, the fight continues…and so do I!



Boudless Adventurer
Wilderness survivalist, Cancer Survivor, Special Forces Veteran
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